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I have just read Peter Hunters book Breaking the Mould and I am left with one regret – that I hadn’t read it earlier.
It is well written, one of those books that packs a wow factor.
We often wonder what is wrong with the way organisations are managed but can’t quite put our finger on it.
In this book, Peter shows us through clear and thought provoking stories, why managers get it so wrong, and what almost any manager can do to get it right, by allowing the workforce to engage to bring out their best.
Peter’s brilliant idea is to create the environment that brings out the ideas of others.
Demetri Petron Director – Success Tuition.

Check out @peterahunter for ideas so simple yet powerful they hurt!
Peter Cruikshanks.”

Peter Hunter shares our views and is the only person I know in the world who totally understands engagement and allowing employees to be committed.
Ben Simonton, “Leading People to be Highly Motivated and Committed.”

I had our training manager purchase Peter’s book yesterday afternoon. I began reading and I could hardly put it down!!
Before I knew it, I was on page 85.
I am amazed at how easily Peter gets his point across without ever saying what his point is! (I imagine that you have heard this before.)
Our bank is 120 years old and I want to do everything I can to keep it around for another 120 years.
Please tell Peter “thank you from a community bank in the state of Indiana, USA!!”
Jayne Powers, The Mutual Bank.”

You have hit the nail on the head and given everyone food for considerable thought…
Regards, Vishal Kale

Thanks for yet another jewel on performance management, Peter! Your book ‘Breaking the Mould’ reaches me so deeply that I have stopped halfway to be able to reflect on its rich messages thus far.
-Evelyn Samuel.

One of the best CMI events I’ve ever attended, thank you
– -Paul Ferrer.

Hi Peter, I wanted to acknowledge the work that you are doing and the difference that makes not just to those that you work with but to all of us. I’m inspired and what you’re saying is what I believe in.
I think I’m going to go and have an adventure.
Keep up the great work!
– Moira Bailey, Moira Bailey Associates

Peter is the author of Breaking the Mould, and is fast becoming one of Britain’s most interesting business thinkers.
– John Montgomery Rouse, Business Intelegant, Malmo, Sweden

Peter Hunter leant something years ago which, regrettably, most of us have still yet to learn. But, when we do – once we have understood the simplicity of ‘Breaking the Mould’ – it will transform our lives forever!
-Vic Baxter Director Business Workout.

I thought you were just consultants but now I can see that you are something completely different
-Geoff Walker, Company man, Shell.

Everyone at UNICOM joins me in thanking you for your participation in the conference. Your presentation was very well received. The sharing of your knowledge, insights and strategies were invaluable. Because of you, we had another successful event.
-Dhira Mitra Unicom Seminars.

Peter’s thinking on effective organisational change is absolutely spot-on.
-Stephen Scott, Syncresis Ltd.

Hi Peter,
Definitely enjoyed the book. I’ll be honest and say that the way the book is structured and the way it draws you to a natural level of understanding around the point being made is fantastic.
-Jeff Hearn, MD of IIR.

A very enjoyable read. “It made I laugh”.
Chris Dale, Director BTT

I’ve read your book and enjoyed it immensely – Reminded me more of the James Herriott / Year in Provence style than a management textbook. Regards
-John Couldstone, Capita learning and development.

Fantastic read Peter. I have always believed that no matter what business, organization you’re in – – it’s always about the people.
-Paul Synnot, Cruise Control.

In our view, everyone responsible for managing teams should read “Breaking the Mould” by Peter Hunter. The book is about involving people and getting their ideas about how job processes should be carried out – Peter’s book cites many examples of how he has worked with teams to improve results by truly fantastic amounts!
-Ken Minor – Director, Leadership Resources.

Hello Peter,
Your style is alive: the narrative is vivid and simple. Boileau, the French writer, said that he who writes well must first think well. You’ve thought well and written well. Congratulations.
John Coglan, Rome

Thanks for your talk Tuesday night. It sent me home buzzing.
Chris Hughes

Hi Peter,
Love the book…it calmly, confidently unwraps the message a layer at a time without ever once making the reader feel preached to.
-Steve Bownass, AMBIT – Professional Development.

After many years on the factory floor where ‘leaving your brain at the door’ was the norm, the Breaking the Mould approach makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve had conversations with Peter and read his book Breaking The Mould. His practical approach shows what can be done when trust and empowerment replace suspicion and over management.
-Brian Hunt.

Hi Peter, I read the book and can relate so well to the experiences your stories so clearly portray even though my background was Newspapers. Publishing people are pretty much the same in respect of what the want from their “careers/jobs” Thank you for the insights
-Anne Pink, New Horizons

Peter’s thinking and his book are excellent. Should be a bible for all those aspiring to be ‘good’ managers. Clear message dont’ micro manage the people and personalities, manage the overall and the business will make progress.
If you get the chance read it, then print out sections on A0 and hang it round the office!!! It can be done
-Dave Hull, Ford, Essex.

I’ve finally got around to picking up Peter Hunter’s “Breaking the Mould” (it’s been sitting on my bookshelf looking at me for months).
Why did it take me so long to get around to it? I’ve never read a business book in my life, and was a bit scared to open it in case I didn’t understand it.
Well, it’s a business book, or rather a business improvement book, but it’s about people and what motivates them; about ownership, and how to give it back to the people who make organisations tick.
But it’s not dry theory; in fact there isn’t any overt theory in the book at all. It’s a set of stories based on Peter’s experiences as a consultant. Consequently I’m finding it a lot easier to read than I expected.
Sometimes I find myself smiling and nodding, and other times I’m stunned by the simplicity and – only with hindsight – obviousness of what Peter describes.
-Derek Sorensen, Goldcross Data.

I wish I had had this book when I first started out in management and kept it next to me there after. It would have reminded me of the value of a less confrontational approach.
-Hans van Well – Hanner Mark Ltd.

The opportunity for structured, thought-provoking conversation is rare. That rarity materialised yesterday. You also challenged me and made me think. Thank you for giving more than you received. Meeting you enriched my day.
My God, I’ve just read that back! Must have come from the heart – sometimes you’ve just got to say it like it is. Take care.
Gavin Petrie

I really enjoyed BtM. An organic, disciplined approach to excellence. Best regards,
Geoffrey Perkins

The pictures you are creating are really excellent – The book provides many answers and opens out many questions
-Gordon hall, The Deming Learning Network.

What Peter Hunter learned about conditions of ownership in the jungles of South America is wholly appropriate for those of us helping nonprofits use technology. An organization risks wasting its technology investment if it does not build conditions of ownership.
-Jillaine Smith

I think everyone that you speak to must become inspired, even if it is only for two hours. , I really want to thank you, in my working life I have been to many courses, but none have ever inspired and excited me as much as this has – and it still is.
-Lisa Coombes Tiptree, Essex

I’ve never openly recommended talking to anyone before, but I’m going to make an exception. I’ve just spent 30 minutes “chewing the fat” with Peter and I’d recommend you do. No matter where you sit within in an organisation, talk to Peter. His “Breaking the Mould” methods make commerical sense – not just consultancy sense, but good commerical sense!.
Mark Williams 35 Solutions

Thank you very much for your excellent talk on your approach to change management. Clearly, you have been able to demonstrate how change can happen rapidly, with significant commercial impact. Whilst others can claim to be able to do this, your track record of lasting change – the Holy Grail in this discipline – is very impressive. Most importantly for me, it’s great to see how you put values at the centre, with people being treated as individuals who can make a difference without having solutions imposed on them.
-Mathew Newnham.

We would like to thank you for putting our business on a sound footing, Our approach is now totally different the benefits are the many glowing written tributes we receive from our customers. Our workforce is more focused and take great pride in the skills they have. The word of mouth recommendations we receive has also greatly increased. Thanks.
-Roy Cox Old Mill Holdings.

Hi Peter, I’m about half-way through Breaking the Mould and just want to tell you how much I am enjoying it…a chapter a day…and the ownership notion truly resonates with me. Nice work, and thanks so much for sharing this. Peace,
-Peter Vajda, Ph.D., C.P.C.

“Breaking the Mould is a personal and moving account of a management consultant on his experiences of empowerment, from the oil fields of Venezuela to Scotland. His anecdotal style is outstanding, and will help many of us enduring the problems of organizational life…..great read!”
-Professor Cary L. Cooper, CBE, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School.

Hello Peter: You said ,”We should instead be looking for what is demotivating them, then stop doing it.”
Without a doubt that is the best advice I have read about motivation in a long time, but then again I agree with you.
-Robert F. Gately, PE, MBA.

I am thrilled & and excited about your book. With all my sincerest thanks and appreciation. Sincerely,
Shirley. Greenwood

Hello Peter Just a note to say I enjoyed your article in the Professional Manager magazine this month – a refreshing change of scene from some of the “usual” articles. It would be good to see more like this All the best
-Stephen M Singer.

A Brilliant book “Breaking the Mould” by Peter Hunter
When I first read Peter’s book, I liked the way it was put together, the lead into the story, the travelling into the story, the meetings, the observed problems with the personalities, and part of the draw, part of the need to read the rest of the book was the thought, “How on earth could somebody sort this mess out?”
The solution is revealed nicely, and appears to be very simple, although I don’t think it is as simple as it appears! Once it is revealed, you cannot get over the feeling, the urge to wade in somewhere and try it out yourself.
I am very impressed with the “philosophy” if that’s the right term for it, Peter has a deep insight into people, and is prepared to share it This is a fantastically insightful book regarding the working environment.
A “must read” book for any manager, boss or employee.
Do yourself a favour, add this to your Amazon wish list now!”
Tony Hine

Hi Peter – I sat down to read your book this afternoon and just wanted to drop you a line to say what a great read it is. I didn’t want to put the book down (so to speak) til I got to the end. It has so many messages but the thing for me is that every message and illustration sticks in my mind. It’s so memorable and you’re a great storyteller
Jenny Edmondson

“In my experience, when you instil into a workforce the reason to do things based on external rewards they learn to ‘work’ only when they can see a direct and tangible reward. I agree with Peter’s line: to release the power of the human resource we have to release the power that the workforce were born with, ignore the extrinsic motivators, and instead nurture the intrinsic values of the workforce.
-Judith Germain FCIPD, MCMI.

I found your book and have now read it cover to cover. It was really good. You have a nice style and parts of it really moved me – so you are some writer.
Andrew Bruce

Once Peter showed them someone was listening they went from being an intimidated silent front line work force to being one that was knowledgeable and proud of what they were doing.
-Ana Ximenes CEO RLG International.

Gareth Kane
The book is brilliant!

Glen Feechan
Provides excellent and intelligent feedback, and I’ve just ordered his book.

Kevin Hardern
Could not agree more with the approach, fits wirth my own experience entirely. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Peter in the future and understand more about how to Break the Mould.

Stephen Scott
Peter’s thinking on effective organisational change is absolutely spot-on.

Derek Sorensen
Good conversationalist, knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of how to get the best out of people by putting control back into their hands. If you haven’t met Peter yet, make sure you do.

Simon Morice
I like people who make me think.

Hament Verma
Peter has written a remarkable book on improvement, so elegantly written, so understanding of our embedded concerns, so useful for our organizational lives. Thanks Peter.

Arnie Fabius
Peter has a good blend of sense of humour and wisdom. If you need a good adviser for your business, look no further.

Peter Hinson – Editor, Cranfield Express.
Excellent Peter … You have a growing fan club and there will be a letter in the next edition praising your last article.
Yet again the logic of your reasoning stands out like the proverbial sore thumb.
I just hope managers are recognising themselves.


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