Project Why – New Delhi

Project Why-India

In November 2009 We visited New Delhi as part of a speaking tour arranged by our Indian representatives. One of our representatives, Amit Aneja, suggested that we should take some time to look at the work of a project in the slums of the city called “Project Why,” started in the year 2000. Mannu and Family The projects aim is simply to give the poorest children of the slums the same chance of an education, and therefore employment, as their better off peers. We were so impressed at how much had already been achieved with so little that we comitted to helping them as much as we can.

The Project Why Story.

Every Child that comes into contact with Project Why seems to have an astonishing Story and most of them are recorded by The Founder of Project Why, Anouradha Bakshi at
Anouradha and Chlidren

We have selected some of these stories here.

Anou’s award.
A Unique Football Match
Just an Old Laptop.
Remember Radha.
Our Special Girls.
A Little Bundle Of Joy.
Senior Maths Group
Just Fruit Salad.
How Far Have we Come?
Munna Arrives.
Not Everything Goes Smoothly.
Remember Munna’s Little Brother.
Planet Why – The Next Step.
I Wish – The Childrens Song Video

We are looking for any donations that will take us towards the point when Project Why can take the next step, putting that first spade in the ground that will allow Planet Why to become real.

Donations can be made direct to the project account in the UK.
Lloyds TSB sort code 30-98-79
Account name “Project Why,”
Acc Number 002579705

For Tax purposes this account does not yet qualify for charitable status

This year the Children of Project Why are supporting the Bedford Pantomime Companies production of Jack and the Beanstalk. They are painting pictures to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

This is the page that went into the programme last year.