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Breaking the MouldOn this site you will see how a change in Corporate Culture was achieved, the results with other organisations and the possibilities for your own.

“If You Want To Build A Ship, Don’t Drum Up People To Collect Wood And Don’t Assign Them Tasks And Work, But Rather,
Teach Them To Long For The Endless Immensity Of The Sea.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you have ever experienced or learnt something which you then knew was instinctively right – you will never have forgotten it.
Peter Hunter learned something years ago which, regrettably, most of us have still yet to learn.
When we do – once we have understood the simplicity of ‘Breaking the Mould’ – it will transform our lives forever!
Vic Baxter Business Workout.

Breaking the Mould is a process that produces an immediate performance improvement in any organisation, in any sector.

It does this through a repeatable process that focuses on changing the way that people feel about what they do to produce phenomenal performance.

Breaking the Mould is not about questionnaires, surveys or analysis.
It is not about focus groups, training or workshops.

The performance improvement is measured in:

  • Actual Savings
  • Increased Profitability
  • Improved personnel retention
  • Recovery of morale

The magnitude of these improvements is huge and is measurable from day one.

How “Breaking the Mould” Works

  1. The “Breaking the Mould” implementor arrives on site.
  2. The implementor creates the environment that allows change to occur.
  3. The implementor transfers these skills to the host organisation to allow the transformation to be sustained.
  4. The implementor departs leaving a solid process in place supported by the new skills given to the host organisation.
  5. The host organisation continues to measure the ongoing ROI from the implementation and the benefits accrued from the sustained performance improvement.

Performance depends on the way that people feel about what they do, the “Breaking the Mould” process changes the way people feel about what they do.

“Breaking the Mould” gives people back the ability to take pride in a job well done, when they become proud of what they do their performance becomes astonishing.

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